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Elementary School Programs

Through these programs, children develop the self confidence, motivation, and interpersonal skills that prepare them to be actively engaged in the life of the community.

Elementary students learn about nutrition through Alternatives Inc in Hampton, VA
Enrichment Programs

Our Enrichment Programs address the following outcomes:

  1. Increased self efficacy

  2. Increased creative competencies

  3. Increased self awareness of social responsibility

  4. Increased social competency

Elementary students play a game as part of Alternatives Inc in Hampton, VA
An elementary student colors his drawing as part of Alternatives Inc in Hampton, VA
Elementary students get fresh air and excercise as an enrichment through Alternatives Inc in Hampton, VA

Expressive Arts:

In an atmosphere of nonjudgmental and creative play, children can explore their creativity through rhythm, sound, music, & movement.

Great Science:

Broadens and sustains children's interest & persistence in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Through inquiry-based experiments performed in small groups, children gain confidence to pursue their interest and develop science skills.

Growth Mindset:

Teaches students that their intelligence, talents, and abilities aren't fixed traits, but can be improved by developing a growth mindset.

Kids on the Block:

Life size puppets teach children about disabilities and how to appreciate differences. Facilitators interact with the children and help them understand what it means to be disabled, and become more sensitive to other children.


Teaches students how to regulate their emotions which produces a stress free and self motivated life.


Teaches individuals to perceive the visual world in terms of five basic elements of shape. Just as a musician learns notes and scales in order to play an instrument, Monart students learn the skills necessary to translate their perception onto paper.

Power Up:

Health fitness and self-esteem program designed for girls. Girls set personal goals in a fun, safe, and supportive girls-only environment.


An exploratory program used to help young people better understand their sparks/passions and develop goals and strategies to pursue those interests in the short- and long-term.

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