K.I.C.K.: Kids Involved in Community Kindness is a Service-Learning curriculum that gives young people the opportunity to discover the joy and satisfaction of service to others while learning that they can make a difference in their communities. With the K.I.C.K. curriculum, even the newest service-learning practitioner can take young people through the steps of a quality service-learning project by simply following the curriculum as it is written. The multi-week program is designed for out-of-school time settings
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Samples of the K.I.C.K. Curriculum:
Civic Leadership
K. I. C. K.
and includes separate Early Childhood, Upper Elementary, and Middle Grades curricula that will engage and empower young people to make a difference. The core curriculum contains background information, including an explanation of service-learning, best practices of service-learning in out-of-school time settings, general tips about the use of the curriculum, and tips on facilitation, reflection, and journaling.
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