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Youth Civic Engagement

What is "Youth Civic Engagement"

​​These are the programs that allow youth the opportunities to develop new
competencies while fostering civic participation in work that will improve
​community life

Youth Development  Civic Activism  Problem Solving  =  Youth Civic Engagement

Some of our Civic Engagement and Service- Learning programs include 
  • KICK


​​​​KICK (Kids Involved in Community Kindness):
KICK (Kids Involved in Community Kindness) is a highly interactive, out of school time, service-learning program designed to connect children and youth in early childhood through middle grades to their communities in a fun and engaging way. Through the KICK Program, children learn how to identify a community need, determine the causes of the problem, and create and implement a project to address it. Through KICK children develop improved self-worth and an increase in their sense of personal and civic responsibility.
RELATE:RELATE is a peer-to-peer curriculum that helps to prevent sexual violence among teens through the promotion of healthy relationships. RELATE increases awareness for both males and females of what constitutes sexual harassments, produces positive changes in knowledge of sexual violence myths and warning signs of abuse, and increases awareness of the indicators of sexual harassment.
​​​​​​​​​​​​​Community-Wide Service Events:Each year on designated national service holidays (9/11 Day of Remembrance, Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service, and Global Youth Service Day), Alternatives' staff and the young people they serve host three or more large scale service projects to address local needs in the community. Over the years, projects have included food drives, elder visits, books drives, and the planting of a youth-led community garden. Projects are open to any young person on the Peninsula who would like to 'Take a Day to Make a Difference.

Civic Leadership
​​​​​​​​​​​​​Global Youth Service Day:Global Youth Service Day, originally launched and known as National Youth Service Day in the United States, is a coordinated annual event which gathers young people around the world in conducting community service, service learning, and youth voice activities that benefit their communities, their countries, and the world. Activities are organized in more than 100 countries each April to help mark the celebrations, and engage in millions, making it the largest annual celebration of young volunteers.