Governing Principles
Alternatives fosters a creative, innovative, fun, energetic, respectful, loving, highly functioning work environment, infused with respectful relationships, interdependence, quality of work and clarity of work. We use the following principles to guide our behavior and the choices we make:

​Our actions incorporate a spirit of giving and selflessness from which we derive our inspiration and commitment to help others.

​Our actions reflect respect for the ideals, ideas, and capabilities of each other, and customers and foster cooperation and collaboration in all aspects of our interactions.

O​ur actions reflect a commitment to continually develop and apply the knowledge, skills, and attributes necessary to provide quality products and services to our customers.

Our actions reflect a deep personal belief in the power of young people that inspire the promotion of our mission and its potential to change the world.


O​ur actions demonstrate the ability to create or sustain mutually beneficial relationships to accomplish our mission.

Young people introducing norms to group
Civic Leadership
Adult pours water on teens for summer pool party Middle School students at bowling alley